06: Visual Design for Print and Screen: Kinetic Typography Part 3

This week I worked to translate my Illustrator images into a real After Effects composition. I had a lot of fun working on this this week, and I’m excited to continue working on some of my transitions/important screens next week. My To-Do list for this week is:

  1. Play with the “ALL” transition at 8 seconds
  2. See if “SWIM THE ENGLISH CHANNEL” at 18 seconds can be made more interesting
  3. Apply liquid water text reveal and change text format for“DROWN IN CHAMPAGNE”
  4. See if the two “HERE” transitions can be made more different from each other (29 seconds)
  5. Apply ring animation to “RING IN THE NEW YEAR” (31 seconds)
  6. Apply any other feedback from group/desk crits

Here is my draft from this week!